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Deck Fire Monitor EI-KM

The monitor is designated for supply of water and low expansion foam. The monitor is used for suppression of fires and cooling of the equipment and tanks in oil and gas facilities, suppression of fires on dispensing racks, log storage places, etc.

By the method of application the monitor may be stationary and portable.

The monitor is manufactured in three sizes (depending on the internal diameter) with a diameter of 65 mm; 80 mm; 100 mm with a maximum capacity of the solution of no less than 2000 l / min.; 4000 l / min.; 7000 l / min. respectively, and abbreviated as KM with indication of the internal diameter (in inches).

The monitor is made of carbon steel or stainless steel (to the figure indicating the inner diameter in inches, X should be added).

Example of designation: АКМ-L-3Х – is a stationary monitor with an oscillating device, manual lever-operated control, with an inner diameter of 3 inches (80 mm) made of stainless steel.

Fire monitor with dispensers may regulate the content of the foam generating agent in a solution of from 1% up to 6%. For all the monitors with the above indicated monitors you can use any foam generators with a viscosity of no more than 200 mm²×-¹. To be able to use foam generators with a higher viscosity the fire hose nozzles for the monitors are made by a special order.

Motors with protection of no less than IP55 are used in all electrically-operated monitors and fire hose nozzles. Upon the customer's request, electric motors are used in explosion-proof design.

Depending on the design of the actuator the monitor may be:

  • with manual lever-operated control (letter "L" is added into the designation);
  • with one hand wheel (letter "V" is added into the designation);
  • with two hand wheels (digit "2" is added into the designation);
  • with electric drive (letter "E" is added into the designation);
  • with hydraulic drive (letter "O" is added into the designation);
  • with oscillating device (letter "A" is added into the designation);

The monitor can be supplied with a water hose nozzle CA, with hose nozzle LS for supply of water and foam of low expansion LS, with a hose nozzle LS-A, equipped with a dispenser, completed with a suction tube made of PVC and a shut-off control ball valve; as well as with monitor "Firex". Monitor "Firex" is designated to generate a compact and spray jet (maximum spray angle is no less than 120°).


In its turn, "Firex" is produced simple (without auxiliary devices) FX; with dispenser FX-A, completed with a suction tube made of PVC and a shut-off control valve; with electric drive EFX and hydraulic drive OFX made of brass, aluminium, stainless steel. According to performance the monitors are available in five sizes: 1500; 2000; 3000; 4000; 5000 l / min., at a pressure of no less than 0.7 MPa.

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