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Medium Expansion Foam Generator EI-SME

The generator is designed to generate and supply foam of medium expansion. The operation principle is based on the air ejection by spraying of foam generating solution and generation of foam on the grids.

The generator is available in four sizes: EI-SME-1; EI-SME-2; EI-SME-3, EI-SME-4; EI-SME-5, EI-SME-6, EI-SME-8 with a performance by foam generating solution respectively of 1.7 l/s; 3.3 l/s; 5.4 l/s; 7.5 l/s; 8.5 l/s; 10.6 l/s; 13.3 l/s at an operating pressure 0.5 MPa. Operating pressure is in the range from 0.3 up to 0.8 MPa.

By the method of application the foam generators are divided into hand and stationary. Hand generators are equipped with a handle for carrying and manipulation during the application.

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