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Mixer on Line EI-ML

The dispenser of ejection type for generating of solution of foam generator with a working concentration of 3% or 6% at an operating pressure of 0.4 ÷ 1.2 MPa.

The dispenser is manufacture in the following sizes: EI-ML-2; EI-ML-4; EI-ML-8; EI-ML-10; EI-ML-16; EI-ML-20; EI-ML-24 with a flow rate of the foam generator solution (at a pressure of 0.8 MPa) of 3.8; 7.5; 13.3; 16.7; 26.7; 33.3; 40.0 l/s, respectively.

The dispenser has three sleeves: for water supply, foam generator concentrate and drainage of watery solution of the foam generator.

To ensure the correct dispenser output of the dosing tank the pressure should be set lower than the input in the dispenser by a certain amount expressed as a percentage.

The dispenser is designed to operate at a design pressure (PN) of no more than 1.2 MPa.

The dispenser housing is made of anodized light alloy; connection of the suction tube to the housing is made of brass; suction tube length is 2.3 meters and is made of PVC with an internal frame and spiral tip made of steel.

The dispenser can be supplied with a discrete device to quickly switch working concentrations of the foam generator solution from 3% to 6%, connection heads according to GOST 28352 with a nominal width of 50 mm to connect the water pipe and the foam solution supply piping.

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