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Portable Fire Monitor for Low Expansion Foam EI-LSB

Non-shut-off fire monitor with a nominal diameter of connecting head (DN) of 50 mm or 65 mm of normal pressure is designated for generating and supply of low expansion foam to suppress fires.

The fire monitor is available in three sizes: EI-LSB-2; EI-LSB-4; EI-LSB-8 with a flow rate of 3.8 l/s; 7.5 l/s; 13.3 l/s at a pressure of 0.5 MPa, respectively. The fire monitor may be made with a dispenser (self-starting fire monitor, adding to the designation of the letter A, for example: EI-LSBA-2), and the fire monitor assembly is added a suction PVC tube with a steel spiral frame in length of 2.3 meters and a ball shut-off control valve. The fire monitor housing is made of stainless steel, the nozzle is manufactured from a light anodized alloy or brass.

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