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Server room of the bank "Metallinvestbank"

Complex project for protection with the gas fire suppression unit with fire detection system and fire suppression control in the server room of the bank "Metallinvestbank" at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Polyanka, 49.

Total protected area: 71.6 m2.

Airspace of the protected area: 236.6 m3.

The system structure:

Automatic gas fire suppression unit of modular type produced by Eusebi Impianti company with the use of GFES Novec 1230 (TM) was installed to protect the premises of the server room.

Two modules with fire-extinguishant agent are used in total (1 as an alternate), cylinders capacity is 180 l.

Pipe line is made of jointless steel pipes according to GOST 8734-75 and 4 outlet spray nozzles is installed for gas transmission to the places of spraying.

С2000-АСПТ device produced by CJSC Research and Innovation Company "Bolid" is installed for automatic gas fire suppression unit control, electrooptic smoke detectors ИП212-60А "Leonardo" are installed for fire detection, panel С2000М and indicator unit С-2000ПТ are installed for system control at security posts. Server room-to- security posts communication is effected with interface protocol shielded-type cable RS-485.

The work was carried out in December, 2014.

Total work content:

All implementation phases of the project: development of detailed design documentation, delivery and installation of the equipment, testing, development and render as-built documentation.

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