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  • Fire alarm system

    Fire alarm system is a system solution to ensure the safety of people and property in case of fire occurrence, which is often included in the overall security facility system along with safeguarding systems, access monitoring and control management system (AMCS), video monitoring, etc.

  • Fire suppression equipment

    We are ready to supply fire suppression equipment both of the Russian and foreign manufacturers. At your request, we will choose the required fire systems and automatic fire suppression and protection systems, as well as perform the flame-proofing treatment of surfaces.

  • Water mist fire suppression system

    Application of water fire suppression system "EI-MIST ®" is recommended by testing laboratories “Factory Mutual” and “VDS” (Germany). Numerous units of "EI-MIST ®" were used abroad for protection of cable tunnels of telecommunication companies, petrochemical companies and railway facilities on the basis of standard NFPA 750.

  • Foam fire suppression system

    Foam fire suppression system is used during fire extinguishing in industrial plants, warehouses, storage facilities and transport. Fixed facilities of the foam fire suppression system include a water-supply source, foam generating agent supply system, distribution valves and a distribution pipe with different nozzles.

  • Gas fire suppression system

    Automatic gas fire suppression system is an effective component of the complex fire protection of the of various purpose facilities. Efficiency of the modules depends on the proper selection of gas fire suppression agent according to the characteristics of the premises protected.

About company

Company "Plamya E1" has been providing activities in the field of fire safety in the Russian Federation since the year of 1992, being one of the market leaders in supply, installation and maintenance of the systems of gas, foam, water fire suppression, fire alarm system or other fire-technical equipment.                                                 

A full service package for fire safety control, ranging from fire-technical inspection of facilities and examination of technical solutions, up to supply of the systems of water, gas, foam fire suppression and fire alarm system, as well as implementation of commissioning works.

The whole range of works and services on a ready-to-operate basis is for fire safety control and arranging of fire alarm system of various facilities, including storage tank farms, oil plants, process equipment of gas industry facilities, warehouses, hangars, underground garages and parking areas, intended purpose business centres, server rooms and process areas.

Upon customer's request, company "Plamya E1" is ready to supply fire suppression equipment both of Russian and foreign manufacturers. At your request, we will help in choosing the required fire protection systems and units of automatic fire suppression and fire protection.

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