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Gas fire suppression system

Automatic gas fire suppression system is an effective component of the complex fire protection of various purpose facilities. Such units operate in conjunction with the fire alarm which detects fire and actuates the fire suppression mechanism. Efficiency of the modules depends on the proper selection of a gas fire suppression agent according to the characteristics of the protected premises and fire load. If the choice of the gas fire suppression agent, design and mounting of the unit have been performed professionally, the system eliminates fire outbreak or localize fire before the arrival of fire protection service, which greatly decreases a possible damage.

Modular mounted gas fire suppression systems are particularly popular among the in-demand types of automatic sprinkler systems. These are modern and reliable fire suppression means. Modules of gas fire suppression may be used as gas fire suppression agents: halocarbons, argon, nitrogen, argonite and inergen mixtures, carbon dioxide, Novec 1230. In case of detection of fire, smoke or temperature rise the fire alarm system activates the gas fire suppression system and the premises are saturated with gas fire suppression agents (mass calculation of the gas fire suppression agent is performed in accordance with the requirements of Code of Regulations SP 5.13130.2009).

The fire suppression mechanism depends on the type of a gas fire suppression agent. Typically, this is a reduction of oxygen concentration, inhibiting the chemical reaction of combustion, cooling of the combustion zone, or a combination of several mechanisms. The fire suppression method is a smothering suppression system, therefore gas fire suppression is so effectively in closed premises (rooms usually do not have any constantly open spaces), and gas will not damage the property and will not cause significant material damage.

Plamya E1 Company has an extensive experience in implementation of the projects for creation of modern fire protection systems. In our range you will find units and tanks for gas storage designated for the premises of any size. Experienced personnel of Plamya E1 Company will analyse parameters of the premises, type of fire load, and then will recommend the gas type and the unit structure. We have equipped many major facilities in Russia with gas fire suppression systems, and many government and commercial organizations are our regular customers.

Most effective are automatic gas fire suppression systems at the facilities of the following type:

  • Document archives, book depositories, libraries;
  • Museums, private and commercial galleries, storages of art objects, monetary funds, designer clothing collections, etc.;
  • Computerized control centres, server rooms, data centres;
  • Communications and telecommunications objects.

For the successful performance of its functions gas fire suppression systems require regular maintenance and careful monitoring of technical condition thereof. It is required to control filling of gas tanks or cylinders, the integrity of communications, fire alarm system status. Our company provides maintenance services according to the selected regulations - monthly, quarterly, annually, taking into account the requirements of statutory documents and documentation of the equipment manufacturers.

Objects protected by using our gas extinguishing systems

Помещение Архива в административном здании на проспекте Вернадского, г. Москва

Газ – Хладон 227, емкость используемых баллонов 120 литров, установлено 3 модуля

Помещения Центра изящных искусств, г.Москва

Газ – Хладон 227. Защищаются выставочные залы и хранилище.

Установлена Централизованная установка на 12 направлений

Помещения центрального узла доступа (ЦУД) и АТС компании МАКОМНЕТ, г.Москва

Газ - Novec 1230. Всего в помещениях ЦУД и АТС установлено 4 модуля, емкость используемых баллонов 180 литров

Cерверная ЦУП Космической связи, г.Москва

Помещение серверной в офисе компании Google, г.Москва

Газ – Инерген, емкость используемых баллонов 80 литров

Серверные помещения шоколадной фабрики MARS

Газ – Аргон. Емкость используемых баллонов 80 литров, рабочее давление 300 бар.

В двух помещениях серверных установлено 19 модулей

Помещение Архива в административном здании на Орликовом переулке, г. Москва

Газ – Хладон 227, емкость используемых баллонов 120 литров, установлено 7 модулей

Коммутаторная компании Теле-2, г.Ижевск

Газ – Инерген, емкость используемых баллонов 80 литров

Электротехнические помещения и серверная ООО «Тобольск-Полимер», г. Тобольск

Электротехнические помещения и серверная ООО «Тобольск-Полимер», г. Тобольск

Газ – Хладон 227, емкость используемых баллонов 140 литров

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