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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems with Use of Carbon Dioxide

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems with Use of Carbon DioxideCarbon dioxide in gas fire suppression units has been used since a long time and until recently has been in a great demand due to its good fire suppression properties and low cost. Carbon dioxide fire suppression mechanism is based on a combination of quick cooling of the combustion zone and reduction of oxygen concentration.

Due to the quick decrease of the average volume temperature a possibility of inflammation is excluded. However, carbon dioxide is a toxic gas (fire suppression concentration is lethal to humans!), and its use is strongly not recommended in the premises with possible presence of people. Also use of carbon dioxide is not recommended for the protection of high-tech equipment, for a sharp decrease in temperature, when using it, may cause damage to this equipment.

Recently, carbon dioxide gives way to new, more modern and safe gas fire suppression agents. However, there are several areas in which there is no alternative to carbon dioxide fire suppression. Owing to its unique properties carbon dioxide is the only gas that is allowed for local fire suppression. Therefore, application of the systems based on carbon dioxide is possible in the premises with permanently open spaces and for the protection of technological equipment in open areas.


  • Fires of class "A" (wood, cloth, paper, etc.). Typically, in these cases a large amount of СО2 and long residence time of gas in the room are required;
  • Fires of class "B";
  • Fires of class "С" (flammable gases). In this case, you should make sure that as a result of fire suppression explosives will not accumulate in the atmosphere due to discharge of non-combustible gas;
  • Appliances and electrical equipment under pressure (voltage control cabinets, transformers, turbines, generators, etc.)

  Units based on СО2 can be of two types: with storage of gas fire suppression agents in high-pressure cylinders and insulated modules.

Technical documentation for carbon dioxide fire suppression system - No. 7843 ME03.

Standard size of modules for СО2: 67 and 100 litres.

Mounting scheme based on СО2 with cylinders (download in PDF).


Cryogenic modules of gas (СО2) fire suppression EI-MIGP with capacity of from 2000 to 30,000 litres are designated for the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the liquid state and its supply during suppression of fire of classes A, B, C and electrical equipment under voltage. EI-MIGP modules are used for fire protection of facilities and technological equipment as part of the units of gas fire suppression during the fire suppression in saturation or local-saturation method.


  • supply of liquid carbon dioxide (liquid carbon) by weight from the tank through the lock and release device (LRD) and the system of piping system to nozzles;
  • filling, re-filling and drainage of liquid carbon;
  • long non-drainage storage of liquid carbon in the tank at a pressure of 2.0-2.1 MPa and periodically working refrigeration units or electric heaters;
  • control of pressure and weight of liquid carbon during filling and operation;
  • a possibility of replacing or removing for verification of instrumentation;
  • a possibility to check and adjust the safety valves without releasing pressure from the tank;
  • examination of the tank in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.
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