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Fire suppression equipment

Upon the customer's request, Plamya E1 Company is ready to supply fire suppression equipment both of Russian and foreign manufacturers. We will choose the required fire systems and automatic fire suppression and protection systems, as well as perform the flame-proofing treatment of surfaces. All our fire suppression equipment, fire systems and equipment for flame-proofing treatment offered by us are certified and comply with national and international standards applicable to the fire protection systems.

Extinguishing Systems - only leading producers

Our company works closely with leading suppliers of electronic products and advanced software systems for fire suppression equipment and is able to meet any customer's requirements. Upon the customer's request, the entire fire suppression and fire alarm systems can be displayed on a personal computer at any location of the protected premises which allows you to monitor performance of the fire suppression equipment on-line.

Trusting the design, supply, installation of the fire equipment and maintenance of the fire suppression system units, as well as flame-proofing treatment to our company, you can always be assured of impeccable work and full fire safety of your facilities.

The best way of fire protection is a prompt creation of the fire safety in your company, flame-proofing treatments of flammable structures, installation of fire suppression systems, including automatic fire suppression units, as well as the use of modern fire protection equipment.

Automatic fire extinguishing system - security and reliability

Installation of fire systems today is a crucial point for any organization. You should choose a company that provides its customers with the high-quality equipment, certified in the field of fire protection that ensures a long and reliable operation of fire protection systems, and provides proper maintenance: repair, installation of fire suppression systems, flame-proofing treatment of the surfaces and structures using reliable fire protection formulations.

It is also necessary to re-equip the premises of your company to ensure fire protection. The working personnel should regularly attend trainings in the field of fire safety, which include introduction to evacuation plans when the fire signal system actuates, classes on fire safety and fire suppression systems arrangement, on disabling of automatic fire suppression systems, study the safety regulations, and rules for use of the fire equipment.

Currently, the company installs fire suppression systems of various kinds, including the automatic fire suppression units immediately responsive to the occurrence of inflammation of the alarm security systems and actuation of fire suppression systems. Companies should also have the fire suppression equipment: fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, fire hoses, etc. Besides, all flammable structures should undergo compulsory flame-proofing treatment.

The integrated approach to arranging of the fire protection system, including the purchase of necessary equipment for alert messaging, prevention and fire suppression, flame-proofing treatment of flammable structures and training of the personnel in the field of fire safety, will provide a reliable protection against inflammation and preservation of property and human lives.

Herewith, you should remember that a great significance when arranging fire safety should be given to a professional approach, on which not only quality and exact location of the required fire suppression equipment, reliable flame-proofing treatment of structures depends, but also compliance with the applicable standards, rules and regulations in the field of fire safety, determining the fire protection measures for different facilities, fire-resistance rating and other important indicators.

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