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Modular fire station NEPTUN

modular fire statiuon Neptun

Modular fire station Neptune is designed for automatic fire-fighting as part of security systems, internal fire water supply, gas, water and foam automatic installations, installations of water mist.

The station is designed for operation at ambient temperatures from +50 to - 60°C. Climatic version UHL1 according to GOST 15150.

Mechanism of the station

As a rule, fire pumping units are one-storey building with a rectangular base in the plan, consisting of separate modules (block-boxes), interconnected in a certain sequence. If necessary to increase the height between the floor and the ceiling, removable roofs or full-size modules are used, when docking a single increased internal space is formed. This design feature of the block-modular fire extinguishing station allows to mount buildings for almost any type of oversized equipment, while maintaining the transport dimensions of individual elements of the modules.

The module is supplied with the maximum possible installed electrical equipment, laid cable routes, mounted lighting system, grounding, fire and security alarm, as well as with installed units and nodes of the fire extinguishing system. Installation of technological and auxiliary equipment can be carried out both at the place of operation and at the place of manufacture of the station with its delivery in the form of separate modules to the place of operation with subsequent consolidation assembly..

Modular pumping station, depending on the configuration, includes the following equipment:

  • bladder tanks for storage and dosing of foaming agent, 
  • cylinders for storage of gas and its reserves,
  • water pumps,
  • control nodes,
  • distribution units,
  • starting cylinders,
  • air compressors,
  • shut-off and control valves,
  • temperature, pressure and flow sensors,
  • cable lines,
  • automation and alarm devices,
  • control cabinet(s),
  • pipelines,
  • heating and lighting systems,
  • equipment for operation and maintenance.

Own production of block boxes of the modular pump station of fire extinguishing designed according to TR 4854-001-79512588-2013, allows to reduce delivery time and to solve the tasks of different projects.

Dimensions, specification and requirements are defined during the preparation of technical specifications for production.


  • Minimum installation, commissioning and commissioning times due to high factory readiness;
  • Possibility of dismantling and moving in a short time;
  • Mobility – possibility of transportation by road, rail and air
  • Convenience and guaranteed safety of operation;
  • The module is fully equipped with accompanying, installation and operational documentation;
  • The sizes of the modules transported on railway and motor transport taking into account their fastening do not exceed the established dimensions of loading according to GOST 9238.
блочно модульная cтанция пожаротушения

cтанция пожаротушения блочно модульная
Example of docking modules of the station of foam extinguishing Example of gas fire fighting station

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