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Foam fire suppression system

Foam fire suppression is used during the suppression of fire in industrial plants, warehouses, petroleum storage tanks, transport, etc. Stationary foam fire suppression units have in its composition a water supply source, a supply system with foam generating agent (dosing tank ETS-MXC), pump group, control valves and distribution pipe with different nozzles.

A foam supply device (foam sprinklers, foam chambers, foam generators, hose nozzles), water and a foam generating agent, which differs in its designation, physical and chemical properties, temperature indicators, expansion ratio, concentration, is required for obtaining of mechanical air foam.


By way of impact on the fire bed, foam units are divided into the units of general-surface, local-surface, general-smothering, local-smothering and combined fire suppression:

  • General-surface units: deluge - to protect the entire assumed area of fire suppression; units for protection of tanks with flammable liquids;
  • Local-surface units: sprinkler - to protect separate units, individual sections of the premises; deluge - to protect individual facilities, machines, transformers, etc.;
  • General-smothering units – are designed to fill the protected volume;
  • Local-smothering units – to fill the individual volumes of technological devices, small integrated storage facilities, etc.;
  • Combined units - process diagrams of the units of local-surface and local-smothering fire suppression are combined for simultaneous foam supply in the volume or on the surface of technological devices and on the surface around them.


Foam fire suppression with use of foam generators allows quickly and effectively deal with almost any type of fire. Foam fire suppression systems in a short time suppress fire by isolating flammable substances from the air (oxygen). A significant reduction in the intensity of combustion using a foam generator is achieved in 90-120 seconds from the moment of occurrence of foam on the surface. Depending on the system type and a foam generating agent used, it occurs in different ways, but the operating principle of the foam generator remains the same for all:

  • Due to the fact that the foam is easier any flammable liquid, it covers the surface of the fuel, suppressing flames;
  • Due to the water contained in the foam generator, the fuel is cooled to a temperature at which the reaction of combustion is not maintained;
  • The foam cover prevents the release of flammable vapours that can mix with air.

Thus, foam generating agents are efficient, environmentally friendly means of fires suppression, not posing a threat to human life and health. In addition, a big advantage of using foam generators is that the foam can be easily removed from the premises, leaving no trace. Therefore, the use of foam generators has recently gained widespread, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries, working with flammable and combustible liquids.

Plamya E1 Company delivers a wide range of foam fire suppression units and all the necessary components: foam generators, dosing tanks for storing and dispensing a foam generating agent, controllers of concentrate in dosing tanks, high-expansion foam generators, fire monitors, foam feed system, foam chambers, monitors and other equipment.

All equipment ranging from dosing tanks to foam generators, is subjected to mandatory inspection for defects and compliance with the functionality specified in the data sheet, which helps avoid gaps in operation of foam fire suppression system and promptly handle fire outbreak.

We offer a range of solutions with the installation of the foam fire suppression system on a ready-to-operate basis, and we will select the equipment that will fully meet your needs: for different conditions foam generators of low, medium or high expansion ratio with different concentration of foam generating agent may be required. A type of fire monitors is selected depending on the selected type of foam generators. We will select the required monitors, control panels, reels, dosing tanks, water reservoirs, meter mixers and other equipment necessary for the fire suppression.

Our company can offer a foam generating agent based on surface active agents that create modern concentrate, with a wide range of suppression of fires of all categories. The exact solution flow, including water and foam for fire suppression, should be determined depending on the solution flow delivery rate.

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