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Modern Technologies of Fire Suppression
Today, the worldwide work is constantly being performed to develop new, more efficient technologies for fire suppression of industrial and residential facilities, warehouses, forests and field plots, as the fire annually causes huge material losses and environmental damage, and its replenishment takes many years. New technologies for firefighting are being developed considering a reduction of financial and labour costs, reduction of the terms of fire suppression and the use of fire suppressing materials of a new generation.
Classification of Facilities According to Fire Hazard Degree
Today, during the construction or operation of any capital residential or industrial buildings much emphasis is made on fire safety - this includes impregnation of materials with special fire suppressing solutions, the use of non-combustible building materials, creating conditions for preventing the fire spread, and installation of fire alarm and automatic fire suppression systems.
Fire Suppression Primary Means
Today, each major object of the residential or industrial use must take into account the requirements for fire protection. Most of the objects are equipped with modern fire protection systems - in particular, with a reliable fire alarm system or automatic fire suppression system.
Fire Protection Organization
Any commercial or public company is required to take care of the organization of the fire protection of its facility. This requirement is stated in the law and all the legal subjects shall be obliged to comply therewith. To do this, the company should take measures for fire protection; provide the facility with the fire suppression systems and fire-fighting equipment.
Foam Generating Agent in Fire Suppression
In order to ensure fire protection several methods of fire suppression are used: gas, foam, water, etc. Enterprises, organizations mainly use the automatic fire suppression systems. Gas fire suppression is based on supplying of a fire suppressing agent into the premises where the fire occurred. Gas flows from the cylinders to the spray nozzles located under the ceiling. It fills all pipes, holes and does not allow the flame to spread by suppressing it.
Fire Suppression System Design
For several years, our company has cooperated with the leaders manufacturing the fire suppression equipment and has provided sales, installation, and maintenance during the operation. It provides the preparation and the development of the projects of the fire protection systems. Our team responds to requests of the customers quickly and in a well-coordinated manner .
Training the Employees in Fire Safety Measures
Fire protection at the facility can only be guaranteed by installation of the appropriate equipment. But it is not enough for complete safety. Any fire suppression and alarm system can be absolutely useless if not to train people who are constantly working or staying in this building.
Fire Protection of Warehouses
Any company should take care of fire protection. This regulation is stated in the law and is binding on all subjects of law. Every year the requirements for fire protection of municipal and other institutions, which are visited by many people, are constantly increasing. But this does not mean that the management of companies should not provide security in those premises which are not too crowded. First of all, this applies to storage facilities.
Fire Evacuation
Nowadays emergencies occur with a considerable frequency. Modern fire suppression systems are being developed to prevent fire outbreaks. They differ in their purpose and place of use, price and functionality. For example, some of them are only designated for fire alert addressing, and the other start suppressing fire before the arrival of the fire rescue team.

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