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Automatic Gas Fire Suppression Systems with Use of Halocarbons


Specialists of Plamya E1 Company perform design, supply and installation of automatic gas fire suppression systems using halocarbons (safe for the ozone layer) approved for use. As a gas fire suppression agent halocarbon HFC-125 (NAF S-125) and HFC-227ea (FM200) are used, whose operation is based on the inhibition (braking) of the chemical reaction of combustion, thereby combustion becomes impossible.

Technical documentation for halocarbon fire suppression system - No. 5856 ME02 (for HFC-227ea) and 7843 ME02 (for HFC-125).

Gas fire suppression agents HFC-125 (NAF S-125) and HFC-227ea (FM200) may be used for fire suppression of:

  • Electrical equipment;
  • Combustible liquids and gases (premises for equipment and pumps);
  • Fires in the premises in which expensive devices and equipment (CED, surgery rooms, etc.) are concentrated;
  • Fires in the storage premises of art works, museums, libraries, etc.

Due to the peculiarities of the mechanism of fire suppression the estimated amount of the gas fire suppression agents is minimal compared to other gases. Thanks to their efficiency and relatively low cost, the systems of halocarbon fire suppression are in a great demand.

Large range of standard sizes of modules allows you to choose the best option for protecting each premise. By request, you may order the modules with capacity of 14, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 and 180 litres.

Standard process diagram of the unit of halocarbon fire suppression system. Load in PDF format:

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