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Nizhnie Sergi Hardware Metallurgical Plant, Sverdlovsk region

JSC "Nizhny Serginsk Hardware Metallurgical Plant" is a modern, high-productivity plant of iron and steel industry, it is one of the main producers of intermediate products and bar sections in the Ural region.

Scope of work:

Complex project to protect the premises of oil cellars and cable tunnels of the rolling mill of the Nizhny Serginsk Hardware Metallurgical Plant with EI-MIST deluge water mist fire suppression system manufactured by Eusebi Impianti (Italy).

The total area of the protected premises is 6 950 m2.

Project Features:

The oil cellars premises category according to explosion and fire hazards: В1, cable tunnels В2.

Oil cellars are of the greatest danger. Fire in an oil cellar is characterized with spill of flammable liquids (oils) and the rapid spread of fire throughout the area. Because of the great danger of oil cellars EI-MIST deluge sprinkler system with concurrent water supply over the cellar entire area was selected.

In accordance with the recommendations on the use of water mist for suppressing of cable tunnels EI-MIST deluge system was also selected.

The system structure:

EI-MIST Automatic Water Mist Fire Suppression System consists of the following main components:

  • Pump station of high-pressure with operating and standby pumps, mounted on a single support platform;
  • Reservoirs with water, according to the calculated volume;
  • Distributing gears of stainless steel AISI 316 with manual and electric drive for supply of water to the nozzles in different zones;
  • Electromagnetic solenoid valves in each section;
  • High-pressure deluge sprayers with flow coefficient of 1.6 for cable tunnels and of 2.1 for oil cellars;
  • Pipelines and special connecting devices made of stainless steel AISI 316.

Automatic fire suppression system consists of 35 sections (according to number of ranges).

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