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Ostankino Television Tower, Moscow

Scope of work:

Creating a system of high pressure EI-MIST automatic water mist fire suppression system as part of reconstruction and renewal of the complex of Ostankino Television Tower. The responsibilities of Plamya E1 company included: development of design documentation, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning works, preparation of the system for commissioning.

Project Features:

Ostankino Television Tower is a complex engineering facility, non-uniform in functions and geometry, distribution of fuel load and possible sources of ignition.

Built in the year of 1967 according to the project by N. V. Nikitin in form of an inverted lily, the tower is the 8th free-standing structure as per the height in the world, and is designed to locate the transmitting radio and television stations of hardware and studio complex of the Moscow regional center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Television and Broadcasting Network" branch office.

The total height of the tower is 541 m, it consists of a concrete part of the height of 385.5 m and a steel part in length of 154.6 m

Weight of the tower together with the foundation is 55 000 tons.

The total volume of the premises and high-level auxiliary buildings is 70 000 m³.

The premises and engineering equipment are located on the vertical axis from the elevation of -3.150 m to 476 m.


Internal fire water pipeline and EI-MIST automatic water mist fire suppression system produced by Eusebi Impianti company, Italy, were selected to protect the premises of the facility. For the most effective fire suppressing and in accordance with regulatory requirements, the unit was divided into the sprinkler and deluge. Water mist was selected as a fire suppressing agent as an effective and economical means of suppressing of the fires of classes A and E (cable facilities).

The system structure:

Pump station

  • Pump station mounted on the Ostankino television tower, it consists of two pump units to ensure the maximum protection of the facility.
  • Each unit includes six reciprocating primers.
  • A standby jockey pump with manifold, pressure alarms in case of repair or primary maintenance is foreseen.

Water storage tanks

  • 4 stainless steel tanks with capacity of 2000 liters each one;
  • This volume of water (stipulated by the project) is designed for continuous fire suppression within 10 minutes;
  • Automatic refilling of tanks from the existing water supply system.

Control sprinkler / deluge units

  • Of traditional design;
  • Located on the sites of staircases in the tower core.

EI-MIST sprinkler system protects the premises of restaurant, observation site and service facilities, offices and corridors.

The sections of switch rooms are equipped with EI-MIST deluge system: feeder, power and communications stations from the elevation of -3.15 m and up to the elevation of 357.8 m.

All tower rooms are equipped with internal fire water pipeline system consisting of hand shut-off fire hose nozzle of high pressure.

Pipelines and connecting devices are made of steel AISI 316.

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