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Ostankino TV Centre

For the period from 2014 to 2017, the company Plamya E1 has completed more than 50 projects for fire protection of premises of the Ostankino TV Centre.

Scope of works:

Development of working documentation, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, maintenance of fire extinguishing systems. The total area of the protected premises is more than 8,000 m2.

The scope and characteristics of the system:

Gas fire suppression modules MHP-EI (fire protection fluid Novec TM 1230), equipment for automatic gas fire-fighting system, components of sprinkler and deluge extinguishing systems.

  • Modular gas fire extinguishing installations based on fire protection fluid Novec TM 1230 with fire detection and fire suppression control system, server room, library, storage, printing, archival and reference materials, premises machine room and electrical control room;
  • Automatic installation of water suppression systems protects cable collectors and other facilities.
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