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Tele2, Anadyr

Tele2, Anadyr
The Customer: CJSC "Sibirskaja sotovaja svjaz'"
Region: Anadyr
Equipment: Gas fire suppression system based on gas fire suppressing agent Inergen
Implementation Period: 2013

Scope of work:

Complex project for protection with the gas fire suppression unit with fire detection system and fire suppression control in switching room of nonfixed radio telephone network (MSC), Теле2 (Anadyr).

Total protected area: 228 m3.

The system structure:

Automatic gas fire suppression unit consisting of battery produced "Inert Gas" produced by Eusebi Impianti (Italy) is used to protect the premises of the switching room. Pressure gas Inergen is applied as fire extinguishing agent.

Automatic gas fire suppression unit is comprised of modules with fire extinguishing agent (5 modules with capacity of 80 liters each — operating battery, and 5*80 liters — back-up battery). Pipe distribution system is made of jointless steel pipes according to GOST 8734-75 threaded fittings and brass chrome-finished nozzles.

"РОСА-2SL" protective automatic fire-fighting equipment system is used as fire-fighting station, that controls the automatic of automatic firefighting system.

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