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Tomskneftekhim LLC (Sibur PJSC)

Tomskneftekhim is one of the largest Russian producers of polymers - polypropylene and high pressure polyethylene.

Scope of works:

Fire protection in the framework of the project "Reconstruction of production of high-pressure polyethylene with increased production to 270,000 tons/year".

The responsibility of company Plamya E1 included: development of working documentation in accordance with the requirements of the General designer Tecnimont SpA, supply of fire extinguishing technology of Eusebi Impianti production, construction, installation and commissioning works.

Scope and characteristics of the system:

  • System of automatic gas fire suppression areas of substation and premises of the electricity boxes in the buildings of extrusion lines and 421/1 422/1.

The total amount of spaces protected by gas fire-extinguishing system on the basis of the fire protection fluid HFC-227ea, amounted to more than 6000 m3.

  • Automatic water and foam fire extinguishing with the use of explosion-proof remote-controlled fire monitors trunks complete with water and foam nozzles, fire towers, carriages and remote controls;
  • Automatic fire alarm system and fire alarm;
  • System of analysis.

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