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Russian Gas Turbines Plant

The scope and characteristics of the system:

  • Gas suppression system in the premises of the operators of the test workshop of 25 m2: based on HFC 227, Eusebi Impianti cylinder capacity 120 liters; automatic devices "Rosa", smoke sensors;
  • Gas suppression system CO2, automatic devices "Rosa", 3 Eusebi Impianti tank capacity 67 liters, explosion proof heat detectors;
  • Gas analysis system of natural gas system SGAES-TG and 8 gas analyzers CH4 indoor testing workshops;
  • Gas analysis system of natural gas system SGAES-TG and 4 gas analyzers CH4 in the compressor station;
  • Gas suppression system inside the compressor protected with a volume of 57 m3, the battery of 6 (3+3 spare) cylinders CO2, automation Siemens, thermal sensors;
  • System of 28 fire extinguishing modules "Tungus" is located at 11 the premises of the MSB Assembly, painting, testing plants and booster compressor station.

Automation, Bolid, 11 automatic fire-fighting system devices, controlled with the remote C-2000m in the security room.

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