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Fire Fighting System design


Public or industrial premises cannot be considered safe until they are equipped with reliable fire fighting systems. Many factors must be taken into account when designing a fire fighting system. It is impossible to implement a project of any fire fighting system without a license of the EMERCOM of Russia and special state permits.

Designing of fire fighting systems is a complex and significant process of drawing up technical documentation for setting up various means of fire protection at the facility. Works on the design of the fire fighting system are as important as the development of a fire alarm system.


fire fighting system design fire fighting system design fire fighting system design

Fire fighting systems are mandatory elements that must be installed at various facilities including both industrial and domestic/ residential. The fire protection system will reliably protect the facility in case of fire. To ensure that the installed equipment provides the required level of protection and works correctly, the design of the fire fighting system shall be carried out before the installation. Having the design documentation that meets all the requirements and standards of legislation in the field of fire protection, it is possible to proceed to the installation of the appropriate equipment. Such systems will work correctly, providing the required level of protection.

The design of fire fighting systems contains theoretical and graphic parts. The graphic part contains the most convenient arrangement of equipment, methods of connecting the equipment with each other, the best option for laying cables and communication channels. Properly designed project can save materials and equipment during installation, as well as significantly reduce the installation time.


Fire fighting and alarm systems are manufactured in accordance with the norms and rules of design, taking into account the national and regional regulatory documents in force at the time of project creation. It is also necessary to take into account some engineering and construction features of protected facilities and the possibility of using a substance for fire fighting.

The main objectives of the fire protection systems design include:

  • timely neutralization of all fire sources until critical fire factors are reached;
  • elimination of fire before it exceeds the limit of fire resistance in the structural elements of the building;
  • neutralization of fire sources with minimal damage to the material values of the facility;
  • hazard prevention related to the destruction of technological equipment.

The fire fighting plan of the facility, which is included in the project documentation, should provide that the systems used at the facility should also serve as a signaling system, warning and transmitting signals to the personnel evacuation control system.

The type of the system used for fire control, the method of fire neutralization, as well as the type of fire fighting substances should be selected by the designing organization in accordance with the possible fire hazard, as well as the physical and chemical parameters of materials and substances that can be kept indoors, as well as the used equipment.


The design procedure includes the following steps:

  • collection of information about the protected facility;
  • preparation of technical specifications;
  • selection of the fire fighting method and fighting agents;
  • equipment selection;
  • preparation of the design;
  • coordination of project documentation with fire supervision of the EMERCOM of Russia;
  • delivery of the project to the customer

When designing fire fighting systems should be taken into account:

  • monitoring the room temperature, the first signal of fire;
  • fire alarm;
  • notification of fire situation by means of sound and visual signals;
  • methods of issuing the fire fighting substances;
  • switching on the smoke extraction system.

It is impossible to work without automatic fire fighting systems at certain enterprises. These are industrial facilities, data storage facilities, parking lots, repair workshops or shopping centers.

Our company has all the necessary licenses to perform the design of the fire fighting systems. Our team that consists of highly professional specialists of fire fighting systems design is ready to implement the most intricate and ambitious projects.

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