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Fire safety audit


Fire safety audit

A Fire Safety Audit is essentially an inspection of premises to ascertain how it is being managed with regards to fire safety. Usually pre-arranged, an audit will include an inspection of relevant documentation. During the audit, officers may speak to some of your employees to ensure their fire safety awareness is at the level you proclaimed.

The performance of key elements of a fire safety management system should be periodically audited to ensure continual improvement in the management of fire safety.

When it comes to fire safety, preparation is far more valuable than damage control. If you are unsure about how safe your property is, it can be a good idea to book a fire risk assessment with a local fire safety consultant. In addition to identifying potential dangers, they will also be able to recommend changes to the property to help protect it in the event of fire, such as sprinkler system or fire door installation.

What can you expect from a fire safety audit?

A fire safety audit is a thorough inspection of premises, along with relevant documentation, to make sure that it is being properly managed with regards to fire safety. It will be carried out by a fire safety inspector, though official titles can sometimes vary. One of the most important parts of the audit will involve reading through all relevant documentation regarding fire safety, how it is managed and how staff are kept aware of it.

The necessary documentation can include:

  • A fire risk assessment
  • Records of fire drills and staff fire safety training
  • List of dangerous substances in the premises
  • Proof that fire prevention systems (alarms, sprinklers etc.) have been adequately tested
  • Document detailing protocol for evacuation in the event of a fire

What documentation is required during a fire safety audit can vary from place to place.

What happens after a fire safety audit?

The inspector draws up the results of surveys in the form of the act of fire safety audit. If the Act will indicate any breach, you should remedy it within the specified time.

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