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Fire alarm and evacuation management system (SOUE)

It is a set of organizational measures and technical means designed to timely transmit information about the occurrence of fire and escape routes, as well as to ensure the safe evacuation of people in case of fire by including technical means to prevent panic. SOUE is driven by a command pulse automatic installations of fire detection or controller signals the automatic installations of fire detection (semi-automatic control).

The main purpose of the system is to warn people in the building of a fire or other emergency situation and evacuation management. However, in normal mode, in shopping centers and office buildings, the fire alarm system can create a cozy atmosphere, broadcasting pleasant background music, or transmit announcements of a service or advertising nature. In case of receipt of an alarm signal from the device of fire alarm (OPS), stream of general purpose will be interrupted, and the fire alarm system begins to transmit SOS message written in the memory block or read by manager. SOUE is functionally related to the automatic fire alarm system (APS) in the building, performing the task of fire detection. It can be designed combined with the radio transmission network of the building.

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